[AmeAgari] AKB48 – Teacher Teacher [Eng sub]



AKB48’s 52nd single Teacher Teacher, centered by Oguri Yui. The song has bit of kpop feel to it, with some sexy dances and edm music. I listened to this song alot, turned out better than the first impression I had. 😀

This single was also certified Triple Million, for selling over 3 million copies!! O_O It was a voting single, but the number is still very impressive. ^^

I hope someone finds those helpful, please leave a comment and stay tuned for SKE48’s releases! 😀

Part 6/6 of Teacher Teacher releases.

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[AmeAgari] AKB48 Center Exam Senbatsu – Kimi wa Boku no Kaze [Eng sub]

center exam

AKB48’s 52nd single Teacher Teacher coupling song by the members who ranked in the Center Exam, Kimi wa Boku no Kaze.
A while back AKB48 held a Center exam for members and fans, and this is the senbatsu of top 16 members who ranked in the exam. Mukaichi Mion once again proving her AKB knowledge and winning the center position! 😀


Part 5/6 of Teacher Teacher releases.

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